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Avio Design

"the best way to fly..."


The experience gained since 1990 and the unlimited creativity of the designers of Avio Design are the sound foundation of the complete line of microlights (trikes and wings) that meet the individual requirements of people daring to "dive in the ocean" above us.

Developed in two main groups – single-and double-seaters, the trikes of Avio Design are easily distinguished by their lightness, elegance, power, reliability and safety, combined with comfort and stability both in the air and on the ground. Some models are upgraded for special purposes, such as: agro-chemical treatment, emergency medical care, eco systems monitoring, etc.

To provide all those features, the trikes of Avio Design are manufactured utilizing the highest quality and technologically advanced parts and materials. The main frame is made of special aluminum alloys, certified for aviation application. All bolts and nuts applied in the trikes meet the DIN 912/8.8 and DIN 985/6.8 standards. The main load-bearing parts - engine cradle, front gear, etc. are made of high quality stainless steel.

The power-plant of the trikes is based on well-known types of engines, such as Rotax, Simonini, etc .. Other engines, that meet the mass and power requirements, could be installed upon customer's request.

The functional instrument panel, in the case of "Swan" type trikes, allows a constant monitoring of flight and engine. The possibility of applying different sets of conventional instruments or one-piece digital displaySTRATOMASTERmeets the individual preferences of everyone ensconced in the comfortable seat that is completed with a 4-point safety-belt system. Flight safety is additionally attended by the engine double ignition system and the optional rescue rocket parachute system "Gallaxy GRS 450".

The front wheel spring dampers and the large dimensional gas shock absorbers on the main gear make rolling, take off and landing very smooth even on rough fields. Optional equipment for landing on water or snow is also available.

Avio Design provides also all the necessary materials and equipment for storage and transportation of the trikes.

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