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KEITEK srl It was founded over twenty years experience of the artisan company L.A.S. 89 in the production of ultra-light, with the aim to design and implement new components and products for the ultralight flight with qualifying support of Walter Mauri (known flight expert and professional in the field).
The KEITEK LTD It is specialized in the production of four major types of products:
- Sails "Hazard", with or without tower, with German certification DULV
- Silent glider, produced on behalf of Alisport SRL Cremella (Lecco)
- Cart "Streamer"
- Amphibian "Ramphos", produced on behalf of Enos Gaiga.

The headquarters continues to be that of LAS 89, (in locations Ellero Ziracco Fraction n 3, in the municipality of Remanzacco (UD)) with about 2000 square meters and 200 square meters of uncovered.
The company can rely on a proven veleria department, the fulcrum of the production of "Hazard" sails, operating with fabrics (products from a major German company) and special materials of high quality performance and according to schemes and now consolidated particular methodologies; to this must be added the mechanical workshop (where you perform all the machining operations and the welding and milling operations for the realization of different details equipped with numerical control machines able to perform any particular) and the propulsion unit (in which are assembled , verified and prepared to use the various engines to be installed both on means of own production that of third parties). In addition we also have the composite department for the realization of particular the "STREAMER" and "Silent" and other carbon fiber componentistiche.

KEITEK srl also a proven purchasing department that operates worldwide and a sales office designed to promote the products not only in Italy but also in Europe and around the world.
Keitek LTD It is able to offer innovative and technological products; technicians present in our company are able to meet every requirement is related to the aeronautical sector that the realization of various components in different materials such as: aluminum, composite etc ...

The company's mission is innovation and tradition to offer you expertise in the creation of cutting-edge products.


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